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  • The Best 6 Educational Board Games for Kids

    The Best 6 Educational Board Games for Kids

    As known to everyone, playing that always comes along with toys and games has become one of the essential activities kids must involve in. Board games are part of an increasing children market in the last decades. Kids are an profitable market for board game manufacturer...
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    The board game we’re recommending today is actually a streamlined version of the War of Spirit Stone. Though these two kinds of board games are similar in core gameplay, the plot and props of this board game have been greatly condensed and streamlined, and it’s more sui...
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    Game Accessories ● Game board*1 ● Instructions*1 ● Game wheel*1 (Weapons are obtained through game wheel) ● Character miniature*4 (You can choose your own character as game piece) ● Dragon pearl (Currency in the board game) ● Blood drops*24 (Hit points in the board game)...
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  • Vast Space: Unbox It

    Vast Space: Unbox It

    Today let’s unbox a new board game: Vast Space. First, take a look at its appearance. Several different forms of planets are printed on the box, creating much science fiction sense. Relevant information is also marked on the box, including the age, the number of players,...
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  • New Board Game

    New Board Game

    Parent-child board game features interesting accessories, lively painting style, easy to play. But a good parent-child board game, can not only have a beautiful skin, but also must have an interesting soul! What kind of product can be born when different Chinese elements...
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  • The 24 Solar Terms.

    The 24 Solar Terms.

    The 24 Solar Terms is a parent-child board game with the theme of traditional Chinese culture, which is suitable for people over 6 years old. The game lasts about 30min and is suitable for 2-4 people. Now I will introduce the detailed gameplay of this board game. ...
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  • Fruit Forest

    Fruit Forest

    Have you ever played a parent-child auction simulation game? As we all know, auction games mostly appear in multiplayer game occasions at social gatherings, mostly pure cards, and the game attributes are lower than the social attributes. And when a parent-child game and ...
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  • Policy dividends to help build brands

    Policy dividends to help build brands

    In December 2021, after a number of reviews by various city departments, Hicreate Entertainment was successfully approved as a [Zhenjiang cross-border e-commerce demonstration enterprise] at the end of the year, which was recognized and supported by the Commerce Bureau. ...
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  • Island Diary 2022

    Island Diary 2022

    Island Diary 2022 The trip to Hainan has come to an end and we have all returned from the warmth of the island, with a whole bag full of joy, accompanied by the scent of the sea that seems to be still fresh, to the winter in Danyang. Looking back on the time ...
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  • Vast Starry Sky

    Vast Starry Sky

    New product online! This is a game taking the universe as the background and interstellar exploration as the plotline. In the world outlook of this game, all forces in the universe are locked in the energy gem and lost in the uncharted space. ...
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  • Board Game:Vast Starry Sky

    Board Game:Vast Starry Sky

    New product is online! This is a game set in the universe with an intergalactic adventure as the main story line. In this game, all the powers of the universe have been sealed in power gems and lost in uncharted star realm...
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  • Shark Bead Scramble Released

    Shark Bead Scramble Released

    Greetings, we have no release. Congratulation to the new member of the series of the Romance of the Mountain and the Sea. Just it-- <Shark Bead Scramble> ...
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