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Yoka Started The 4th WODC, Creating New Board Game Designs

On July 25, the fourth World Original Design Contest of Board Game (WODC), initiated by Yoka Games, was officially opened to the public, bringing brand new opportunities for custom board game designers at home and abroad to realize their dreams of originality.

With competition rules upgraded, more possibilities will be seen
It is reported that the current WODC saw many changes compared to the previous three events.

In order to ensure the fairness and reasonableness of the judging, a “double track” mode will be adopted in the 4th WODC, including two categories of games: medium-heavy games (medium or heavy strategy games with a game length of 60 to 120 minutes) and light games (party games, family games, light strategy games and other types of games with a game length of 60 minutes or less). Designers can choose the right category that fits themselves to design and conduct target submissions, and gold, silver, bronze and judges’ choice awards will be provided respectively for each track.

Launched in July 2022, the submissions will be closed in October, and the results will be announced and prizes will be awarded in June and July 2023 after the judging, review, offline communication, and final review, which is about one-third shorter than the previous competitions’ cycle of one and a half years.


Fruitful achievements due to years of persistence
As an important initiative to support original board games, discover outstanding original designers and promote board game culture, the WODC has been held by Yoka Games, one of China top 10 board game manufacturing companies, for the fourth time since 2018.

The results of the competition have become more and more promising. What’s more gratifying is that the number of submissions from China has increased significantly, and KayaK, head and judge of WODC, founder of “Three Kingdoms Kill” and chief designer of Yoka Games, said in an interview that WODC has shown domestic designers the gap and pushed the growth of every designer.

As the producer of the national original IP “Three Kingdoms Kill”, Yoka Games has been playing the role of industry leader for many years, leading the development of the Chinese board game industry. The company has not only created the original support platform WODC, but also launched the leading industry exchange platform “BGM Board Game Show”, helping the development of the custom board game industry and promotion of the spread of board game culture in the form of a combination. Hicreate, another China card game manufacturer, believes that the power of board games in China will grow stronger and stronger, and the influence of board game culture will become more and more profound.

Post time: Aug-03-2022