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Policy dividends to help build brands

In December 2021, after a number of reviews by various city departments, Hicreate Entertainment was successfully approved as a [Zhenjiang cross-border e-commerce demonstration enterprise] at the end of the year, which was recognized and supported by the Commerce Bureau.

On February 8, 2022, just after the Chinese New Year, 27 cities and regions in multiple provinces were approved as comprehensive pilot zones for cross-border e-commerce, and Zhenjiang City was among them.


With the support of policies, the establishment of the pilot zone has made the city's cross-border e-commerce industry safer and more regulated, with a more robust and rapid development trend.
As a demonstration unit of cross-border e-commerce in Zhenjiang and a beneficiary of the policy dividend, Hicreate Entertainment received a recommendation from the Municipal Bureau of Commerce and was interviewed by Xinhua Daily.
In the interview, General Manager Fan Qin had this to say: "After the approval of the pilot zone, it is easier to clear our goods through customs, which greatly improves efficiency. It also shortens the time for tax refunds to arrive and improves the capital utilisation of the enterprise. We will attract more outstanding talents to join us and help our enterprises build excellent international brands."
The vision and mission of Hicreate Entertainment is to become a benchmark enterprise in the board game industry and to build a well-known board game brand.
To this end, we plan our long-term strategic layout in detail, continuously absorb outstanding talents, set up R&D departments, expand our foreign trade team, increase investment, and rely on cross-border e-commerce channels to connect with quality customers in the international market.
We believe that with the support of good policies and the joint efforts of everyone, the road to brand building will be more accessible and smooth.

Post time: Mar-14-2022