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Everything Is Possible For Kids Who Play Board Games Well

When it comes to custom board game, parents will think of Monopoly, Three Kingdoms Kill, and Werewolf Kill, etc. Board games seem to be exclusive to adults in China, but the popularity of board games for kids is quite high in foreign countries, and every child grows up with a home full of board games in Germany.

3 Reasons why board games for kids become popular abroad

If you want to understand a person, just play a board game with him, where his ability to keep the rules, face up to failure, and solve problems will all be on display.

As an interactive form of game, board games have irreplaceable advantages over other types of toys.

1. Establish a sense of rules
Rules mean boundaries, so some things are allowed and some are not. For example, what should you pay attention to when eating? Right, you should chew slowly, rather than watch TV while eating. But many children have a vague sense of the rules, so they don’t know how to abide by the rules.
Board games have rules established and all players must follow them or the game will not go on. Rather than preaching, the use of games can easily make children appreciate the importance of following the rules.

2. Develop adversity quotient
The heartbreaking news has spread recently that children jump off a building because they are criticized by their teachers or parents. Children are becoming increasingly too vulnerable to face setbacks. In fact, this is related to the adversity quotient, which means the rebound ability when falling to the bottom.

Most children toys have no concept of winning and losing, but winning and losing is a natural thing in custom board game, during which players will often encounter difficulties. When faced with difficult tasks, it may have some impact on the children’s emotions, and this is when parents can guide their children to learn to properly express their emotions and accompany them to figure out how to solve the problem together, thus slowly improving the children’s emotional management skills.

3. Promote parent-child relationship
Board games are strongly interactive. If a child is playing with toys alone, parents will not be involved; however, if there is a board game in front of the child, parents can also be good companions and promote parent-child relationship while guiding the child to play the game.

The best Chinese board game maker recommended

Since board game is an imported product, there are not as many domestic board game categories as there are foreign ones. Nevertheless, Chinese board game brands have started to rise in recent years, such as Hicreate, one of China top 10 professional card and board game manufacturing companies, has been specialized in the researching, developing, customizing, manufacturing and sales of all kinds of board & card games and relevant game components like pawn, miniature and dice.

The designing, manufacturing and printing of a number of custom board & card games have already been successfully completed. Some of our recent projects include: Leksandspelet, Game Of Homes (a board game for home mortgage training), GrandVenture (fast dealing property trading game), The War Of Spirit Stone (a parent-child board game), and Penguin Brawl: Battle Of The Gods (30 card extension printing), hoping they can give you a little inspiration.

Post time: Aug-03-2022