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A special new board game for the holiday season——baking war

As the Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, we are bringing the new product again!

The game, fairly for the occasion——Mooncake Chef of Bakery War, is the first card scoring strategy board game of HicreateBoard Game Club. The game,taking the Mid-Autumn Festival moon cake production competition as the background, launches a 2-5 people chef competition.

Playersget the corresponding moon cake cards and chef cards by collecting fillings, and making mooncakes, and then accumulate points. The player who first gets 20 points is about to win.
This board game can derive a lot of game strategies, and the most mainstream playing methodsare: collecting fillings, to synthesize mooncake cards of points at difficult level and high points; collecting fillings, to synthesizemooncake cards with no points but easy access, to synthesize chef cards, and get high points.
Different strategies can demonstrate the personalities and thinking patterns of different players, which also allows players to deal and make the strategic deployment in advance by inferring the opponent'smentality and way of action.

In that way, let's look at the game in detail!

1.Exquisite visual design
On the box, the two cute chef characters of baking cakes make the theme of the game more prominent and clear.The design of the card face is also very delicate and lovely, with rich national style elements: the moon, lotus, pavilion, palace, jade rabbit, lanterns... these all show a strong traditional cultural atmosphere.
With the duel between the chefs on the box face, characters are vivid and exquisite. Rabbit, mooncakes and other elements have very traditional Chinese flavor.

The bottom of the box introduces the accessories, very detailed, which can help you check the game information. By scanning the QR code at the bottom of the box, game teaching video and the latest welfare information can be gained.

2.Strategy board games with simple playing method
The playing method of the game is simple, without complicated rules and props, while low randomness means winning by chance is almost unlikely, and strategy is the decisive key for the game.

The game accessories are as follows:
Raw material cards: a total of 45, divided into 8 egg, walnut, sesame, bean paste, raisincards each, 5 universal raw material cards.
Mooncake cards: a total of 90, divided into 40 first-class mooncake cards, 30 second-class mooncake cards, 20 third-class moon cakecards.The harder the game is, the higher the grade is, but with more scores.
Chef cards: a total of 15, convertible for high scores
Board: 1 board, used to place various cards    
Personal area board: 5, each player takes one, used to place the raw material cards, mooncake cards, chef cards.
User guide: 1, players can read the detailed rules of the playing method before starting the game.

Game settings:
The three types of mooncake cards are shuffled respectively, with the back facing up on the corresponding position of the board. Opens 4 card of each type and place them in the corresponding grid of the board.
Shuffle the chief cards, open thecards with the number of the players + 1, and place them in the chef card positions on the board.
Classify six raw material cards by variety and respectively place them in the corresponding position of the board.
The player each takes a personal area board.After the game begins, the acquired cards are placed in the corresponding positions in the personal areas.

Game operation:
Players can perform one of the following operations per turn
①Take the three different raw material cards
②Take two same raw material cards (confirm whether the quantity is greater than or equal to 4 before taking)
③Take a universal raw material card, and keep a mooncake card (only three in total), and place it in the reserved area.
④Buy a mooncake card with enough raw materials (containing your own reserved cards)
①The total quantity of raw materials accumulated by the player shall not be greater than 10, and if greater, the excess shall be returned.
②When the number of chef card required is met, it is automatically obtained (only 1 for each round) and which does not occupy the action round
③Reserved moon cake cards cannot be discarded, with only one allowed to be kept each time, and only three allowed to be kept in total.
④The mooncake cards purchased cannot only help get points on the top left, but also a permanent raw materal bonus on the top right.For example, your mooncake card shows an "egg card" on the top right, which means you have a permanent egg raw material.

Condition for victory:
Players can accumulate scores by collecting mooncake cards and chef cards opened on the board.Scores are calculated after the end of each round and the player who has accumulated greater than or equal to 20 and with the highest score is about to win.If several players meet the winning requirements and have equal scores, the one with the least number of the cardsis about to win.

3.Promotion of new babysittinghelper
The core of the game is card collection and point accumulation, similar to the play method in poker and mahjong, matching most people's taste.It is a very rare entire populationgame in board games, with each player highly engaged, which is very suitable for new players.In addition to parent-child and friend interaction, you can even recommend the game to your parents and elders, letting join the card game together.

4.Good reopening feature
The game is not like a script kill or puzzle game, which cannotreopened after finished.The game is simple and easy to play, but has a very good reopening feature.It has no plot limitations and excessive rules, so every game is brand new and unknown, making it a strategy game that players are willing to reopen, and making most people have the need for "another game".

5.The connotation of traditional culture
The game is set under the background ofmaking mooncakes at the Mid-Autumn Festival and chef competition. Collecting the filling——synthesizing the mooncake cards——, accumulating scores has become the clear direction of the game, naturally integrating traditional Chinese festivals and traditional food culture, and spreading traditional Chinese culture in the game.
In the meantime, this game is also very suitable for family reunion, both fairlyfor the occasion and pushing family interaction, and triggers resonance with everyone.


Post time: Sep-16-2021