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Hot Custom Card Game For Own design

Short Description:

It must be a happy thing to design your favorite game characters onto your favorite game cards, so let’s make it happen.

Product Detail

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Card games can be divided into 8 categories. They include abstract games, custom class games, children’s games, family games, party games, strategy games, theme games, and war games.

When you are alone at home, you can play solitaire board game designed by our company.

If it is used for magic show, we recommend medium card game.

1. Abstract Class:

With simple rules and game mechanics, the game information is also presented very visually, and the winning condition is usually that one player beats the other.

2. Customized Category:

The personality is very high, most of the cards are customized type. Very test the imagination of players and players need to prepare their own game accessories.

3. Card Games For Children

If it is to play for the little baby at home, we recommend the puzzle board games.

Simple puzzles, basically no rules, props are relatively sturdy and durable.

4. Family Card Games

When the family gathering, you may want to play chess card game to promote feelings.

The competition is not very fierce, mainly about win-win cooperation, the purpose is to cultivate feelings mainly.

5. Party Card Games

Focus on communication Multi-player cooperation Table games with flexible number of team participants.

6. Strategy Games

There is a deeper strategy mode with well-developed rules and a more adversarial table game.

7. War Card Games

The card game evolved through military flags with complex rule descriptions and a high threshold.

8. Themed Card Games

There is a distinct story background and game theme. Most require players to be engaged and have more text to read.

The board game figure is interesting and can be customized more.

【Game Features】

Rigorous combat, skill design, refuse to perfunctory. The game has quality fighting effect and operation space, in the process of fighting with players, breaking through if combined with certain strategies and methods will be twice as good.

【Play Simplification】

Some of the game play is simplified, minus the tedious operations, freeing up more time for players to experience the game and more space to enjoy life.


While enjoying the fun of breaking into the world, you can witness many stories, episodes, and hero biographies happening in the Cyber world through plot viewing, and experience the great events of the world together with the hero characters in the stories.

Production processes

Paper Cutting Machines
   Cutting paper for board games and card games.

Printing Machines
Heidenhain 1020 four-color imported from Germany
Fast printing speed, about 10,000 sheets per hour.


Embossing machines
The new large door width embossing machine introduced in 2020, the general company is 470, our company is 1020.

850 Gluing machines

Four sides wrap-around machines
Highly efficient.

Manual paste box
30 skilled workers, hand paste irregularly shaped boxes.

Automatic shrink wrap machines
High power.

The actual area is 5,000 square meters, which can accept a large number of goods stacked.

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