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Custom Hot Sale Miniature For All Board Game

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Free 3D modelling and 15 day delivery for large shipments.

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Miniatures price is made up of two parts,One part is mould charge, The second part is the unit price of the product.

Mould charge depends on the complexity of the product and the way it is laid out. One out of a more complex miniature,In order to reflect its details, it is necessary to split the design, make a separate mold of the different parts, and glue them together for the final assembly.

The file format needed for the miniatures:stl,obj.stp. We can also help with design and drawing, but there is a fee.

Miniatures sample production differs from metal parts, Miniatures can provide 3d samples. To reflect the details of the design draft, we will provide red wax supplies. However, it is very fragile and easily damaged during transportation, so we will copy a pu sample for you to confirm. Generally speaking, it takes a week to make a 3D sample, a month to open a mold, and 15-20 days to produce.

Procurement information of regular miniatures:

Material: PVC miniatures

Size: 1.7*2.8cm

Weight :0.9g

Color: red / pink / orange / blue / light blue / black / gray / white

Minimum order quantity:500/color

Production processes

Paper Cutting Machines
   Cutting paper for board games and card games.

Printing Machines
Heidenhain 1020 four-color imported from Germany
Fast printing speed, about 10,000 sheets per hour.


Embossing machines
The new large door width embossing machine introduced in 2020, the general company is 470, our company is 1020.

850 Gluing machines

Four sides wrap-around machines
Highly efficient.

Manual paste box
30 skilled workers, hand paste irregularly shaped boxes.

Automatic shrink wrap machines
High power.

The actual area is 5,000 square meters, which can accept a large number of goods stacked.

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