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Custom Board Game For Professional Design Team

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Samples are available if you need, we can send free reference sample and white sample to check quality first.

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Board games, games that use the table as a medium for human interaction. From ancient times to the present, board games have been developed in various forms in different countries. Traditional Chinese board games include various chess games. As the world's cultures intermingle, the variety of board games has grown richer and the game play has become diverse. Some people can experience the thrill of a ride on a board game, while others don't like too much violence and choose more board games in the form of party fun and so on. The following will help you sort out the different types of board games that you can access now, so that you can pick the right board game for you.

Board game components for seaside squad:

  1. Game board. The shape of the chess board is diamond-shaped. Each side of the rhombus has its own forward route, and its own way forward.
  2. Game Box. Top and botton box with board game theme patterns.
  3. Game token. Everyone has a token of their own character color.
  4. Plastic chess pieces. Various specifications and styles of plastic chess pieces can be printed or engraved logo, large quantities can be free to open the mold. Plastic chess pieces can be made of plastic, pvc and acrylic. The starting order quantity of the stock is 500, and about 20000 can accept customization. Packing method is OPP bag packing.

Custom wooden chess pieces are also available。Wooden chess pieces can come in a variety of shapes and can be customized in shape and color.

Production Process:

Raw material - Separation - Cutting - Polishing - Painting - Assembly – Packaging

MQQ:500 pcs

Paint: Paint of environmentally friendly materials

Proofing time:7-15days    

Bulk delivery time:25-30days

  1. Sand timer. Material of PP+Glass, Net weight is 0.013kg, Colors can be customized, The common time of the sand timer is 30s / 1 min / 2 min / 3 min / 5 min / 10 min
  2. Drawstring bags. Color is black.
  3. Spinner. Accept custom size.

Production processes

Paper Cutting Machines
   Cutting paper for board games and card games.

Printing Machines
Heidenhain 1020 four-color imported from Germany
Fast printing speed, about 10,000 sheets per hour.


Embossing machines
The new large door width embossing machine introduced in 2020, the general company is 470, our company is 1020.

850 Gluing machines

Four sides wrap-around machines
Highly efficient.

Manual paste box
30 skilled workers, hand paste irregularly shaped boxes.

Automatic shrink wrap machines
High power.

The actual area is 5,000 square meters, which can accept a large number of goods stacked.

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