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Classic Playing Poker Card For Gambling Card Games

Short Description:

Affordable custom cards that are great for business gifts, corporate gifts and promotional items.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Customized advertising poker, study cards, tarot cards, plastic cards, gold foil poker, game cards, board game cards and other products.

We have professional pre-sales and after-sales services.

The integrity, professionalism, strength and product quality of hicreate Poker are recognized by the industry.

What we can offer you.

(1) A large factory with sufficient raw materials to undertake a large number of orders for customized playing cards.

(2) Professional equipment, reliable quality, Heidelberg six-colour printing machine with clear printing, support multi-colour card customization.

(3) Factory testing, quality assurance, each pair of playing cards need to go through four testing process.

(4) Professional team, quality service, with a professional customer service team, from quotation to shipping the whole process for your service.

High-grade customized models of playing cards, support double-sided 4c printing + over oil treatment, the face of the cards can be customized game patterns, animal patterns, box size can be customized.

Support double-sided printing, clear patterns, visible texture, quality assurance.

The cards will be tested four times before leaving the factory: full machine inspection, full manual inspection, full boxing inspection and weighing inspection.

Customization process: Customer provides demand - We provide quotation - Sign contract and pay deposit - Workshop arranges production -

QC random inspection of the finished product - customer inspection - final payment - transaction completed.

Product Structure:

Playing card paper core:Specially designed for gambling anti-peeking black core paper core,You can also choose recreational playing cards with blue core/gray core/white core.

Customized playing cards:According to the pattern provided by the customer to design a unique playing cards, personalized you have to have their own personal custom.

Customized paper boxes:According to the size of the playing cards design packaging carton, pictures and logos are accepted to customize.

Recommended Net Weight:0.13kg Recommended Size:10.7X7X2cm

Recommended poker materials:

1.280 gsm grey core playing card. (Cheapest price)

2.250 gsm C25 playing card.

3.300 gsm C25 playing card. (Most versatile material)

4.300 gsm C25 blue core playing card.

5.300 gsm made in china black core playing card.

6.310 gsm made in german black core playing card. (Highest Price)

7.350 gsm C25

Documents to be provided for customization:

1.Format of the design:ai,pdf,psd,cdr

2.color pattern of the design:CMYK

3.Resolution of the design:>300ppi

4.Black should be displayed in spot colors:C:0% M:0% Y:0% K:0%

5.We can provide blank knife plate for you to fill in the design.

Production processes

Paper Cutting Machines
   Cutting paper for board games and card games.

Printing Machines
Heidenhain 1020 four-color imported from Germany
Fast printing speed, about 10,000 sheets per hour.


Embossing machines
The new large door width embossing machine introduced in 2020, the general company is 470, our company is 1020.

850 Gluing machines

Four sides wrap-around machines
Highly efficient.

Manual paste box
30 skilled workers, hand paste irregularly shaped boxes.

Automatic shrink wrap machines
High power.

The actual area is 5,000 square meters, which can accept a large number of goods stacked.

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